Bangkok Subway Initial Blue Line Project (2004)


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The construction of The M.R.T. Chaloem Ratchamongkhon line, the first subway in Bangkok, consisting of the construction of 18 underground stations and the construction of 21 kilometers tunnel, located 20-30 meters below urban area in the Bangkok stiff clay layer. Tunneling technology of TBM was employed and The project was completed by BCKT and ION joint ventures. The service was inaugurated on July 3, 2004 by granting concession to BMCL as a operator. See further detail at

MRTA (Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand)


The construction of The Industrial Ring Road, the project which is a royally initiated scheme that aims to solve traffic problems within Bangkok and surrounding areas. The project is owned by the Department of Rural Roads, Ministry of Transport ( formerly the Public Works Department, Minister of Interior) and funded by the Thai Government and loans from the Japan bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). The contractor for the western project (Contract No.3) is KTU Joint Venture. The contractor for the northern and southern projects (Contract Nos.1 and 2) is the TNNS Joint Venture. To see a picture click here.

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